LAST Weekend Update

So, I know it’s a week delayed, but this past week was….well, let’s just say I’m glad it’s over.

Last Friday night, I went to Azur with Cher, Kelly and their friend Trena who was in visiting from Cali. The chef at Georgetown is also a chef at Azur and I had been telling Miguel for months I was gonna come visit and this seemed like the right time. The food was amazing–probably the best I’ve had in…well, I can’t even remember. Cher had the Veal, Kelly and Trena the Mozzarella Chicken (which got my vote for best dish of the night) and I had the Gnocchi Crimini with Shrimp which was also really great! The wine was amazing, conversation even better, and the chocolate lava cake Kelly and I split topped off the night just right!

Saturday the 26th was a big day for me that I had been anticipating for a over a month. Lewie asked me to keep the day clear and that he had something he wanted me to see. He picked me up at 10:30 and we went for a “good ‘ole” breakfast at Cracker Barrel (best G’town has to offer) and then headed north. I knew we were going to see Juno (A-mazing!) at some point and that the “surprise” had ensued me bringing dress pants and heels to change into. After a pit-stop, we ended up at Newport on the Levee to see Juno (which again…was A-Mazing!). After the movie we decided to go to Brio for dinner and he asked if I wanted to know what the surprise was. “Um, no, I think I’ve waited for over a month, I can wait a few more hours.” NO!! Of course I wanted to know! Lewie scored tickets to Wicked-the musical! We talked about this on our first date–how his mom had just gotten tickets and I was dying to see it, but that due to the Greece trip, all “frivolous” things were off limits for the time being! The show was incredible. Absolutely, ridiculously, freaking-AMAZING!

Needless to say, it was an amazingly (didn’t see that one coming, did you?) unforgettable day!


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