I’m back!

Well friends, I’m back. After a long week of an amazing trip to Greece (which felt like a month, we packed so much in), I’m back in Georgetown soaking in the end of the first day of classes. Walking back from the Mulberry this morning, I heard a senior walking into one of our buildings saying “this is my last first day ever.” What a statement. Her last first day.

One thing I’ve learned in the past few weeks is that aren’t guaranteed tomorrow–who knows when your last first day will be. Not to be morbid, but realistic…each day we are given is a gift and I hope to make the most of each one I am blessed with.

If you visited the Greece blog at all last week, you realize that there were no updates. First, there were no computers (key in updating ones’ blog) and secondly, there was no time. Our last full day there, our wake up call was at 4:45 because we were flying back from Thessaloníki to Athens and then the day we left Athens: wake up call was at 2:30. Needless to say, many of us did not get that “wake up” call, as you must “go down” to get the “wake up call.”

It was definitely the trip of a life time and I’ve learned so much. The students I traveled with were great; the history that was awakened in me was so great–I have many books to re-read. It also really made me want to visit Greece again and all of Europe actually. Definitely adding that to my “Bucket List.” 😉

The Greece blog will be updated with each day’s events PLUS photos–they’ll just be a week behind. My computer is still scanning in the 360 photos taken on the trip–what can I say…I love photography. I’m just making the most of each day…

(pic is of me in Corinth on our first day–01/07)


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