So tomorrow I am heading out for an amazing start to my 2008–a week long trip to Greece. Many of you faithful readers know the details of this story, but the short version is in early December I was sitting at my computer one day when I got an email from my VP saying there was a vacancy on the trip our President and a group of students were taking and they were looking for a female chaperone.

After meeting the list of pre-requisites and requirements, a “first-come, first-serve” call was asked and I tapped into the little piece of spontaneity that residents in my heart (also encouraged by a new friend) and responded. The next day everything was confirmed and I will be leaving tomorrow for a week in Greece. There are several students whom I am particularly close with who are going as well and I’m so thrilled to start out 2008 doing something I love: traveling.

So hopefully the next week will be filled with lots of blog updates from Greece–our hotels are supposed to have business centers, so I plan on spending some time each day to update everyone. For those of you who may want to call or text, I’m turning my phone off in Chicago tomorrow to turn it back on we we land back in the states on the 12th.

I need this trip. Life has dealt me a WHOLE lot of good things lately and there have been a few not so good things in that mix. This trip will be an amazing time for me to process and get ready for the year ahead–I feel it’s going to be a whirlwind. The past two months I’ve been chugging to the top of the roller coaster ride that is my life and now I’m sitting at the top staring at all the amazing things God has put in my life. I am one blessed girl who is stoked about the decent from the top tomorrow–what a ride it will be.

Visit the Greece blog here for the updates.


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