Holiday Revue

It’s December 30th and although my last post was a mere 10 days ago, it seems as if that were a month ago. Here’s a quick holiday recap:

-Finished out the year with students on December 20th
-Had a fantastic Christmas gathering with the patio crew on the 21st–what a great, memorable year it has been with that crew (more on that to come)
-Was able to participate in the Christmas weekend services at Crossroads on Saturday and Sunday (22/23)
-Had a great Christmas date with my friend Kelly to our favorite restaurant and then to see “PS, I Love You.” Beautiful film, but horrible in that I was SOBBING and honestly could have gone through a 1/2 box of Kleenex.

The week in Virginia was amazing as well, but just as busy:

-Drove to Virginia on Christmas Eve and hung out that day with Mom
-Christmas Day was spent at my grandparents–we got there early and it was nice and quiet then in the afternoon everyone rolled in. We had a great time sharing the charitable organizations we donated to (in lieu of gifts this year)–very memorable. I think this will be a new family tradition.
-Watched movies with mom on the 26th and hung out with my dear friends from HS Kristi and Joe at our annual Barnes and Noble date and then saw Kandia and Jeremy (friends from HS who now live in Boston)
-Back to Grandma’s on the 27th to see family from Raleigh and for my annual date with friend Sarah (and now her husband Chase) in Roanoke. It was great catching up with my “college cousins” also–Sarah is a junior at NYU, and Zach is a freshman at UNC.
-Stayed overnight there and took my mom on her Christmas date on Friday–shopping, Olive Garden and Starbucks for a Carmel Apple Cider (to which mom asked if she could get a refill). Later that afternoon, the Stinson crew came in and then we headed home (in the POURING rain)
-Saturday was an early morning even though I was leaving as I had breakfast with Jena at Panera. It was great to see her (and the trip to TJMAxx was great too!)

So, needless to say, I’m renewed, yet exhausted. It’s now Sunday; I’ve arrived back in KY to an eventful night with the crew as we went to see Sweeny Todd at the Kentucky Theater. Bloodiest film I’ve ever seen. Not much more I can say about it. (Well, Johnny Depp was in it…)

My life is so full and I am so grateful for all the blessings. Stayed tuned as there will be more updates this week….

(PS–a week from today, I’ll be in GREECE!!! YEA!!!)

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