You alone are enough for me.

I have been waiting for months to start a new devotional experience for the next year in “A Guide to Prayer…” They have these in the bookstore at the church and already this week, full in the Advent season, it has been a deep inspiration.

I want to share a bit from one of the readings and then some thoughts on Advent.

“To have found God, to have experienced him in the intimacy of our being, to have lived even for one hour in the fire of his Trinity and the bliss of his Unity clearly makes us say: “Now I understand. You alone are enough for me.”–From The God Who Comes by Carlo Carretto

God came to earth in human form to be enough for us. A tiny baby is enough. I don’t think our minds can fully grasp the fullness of this love contained in such ways. Thank God that we have found him and he is enough. The babe in a manger is enough. The young man lost from his parents because he was about his father’s business. The carpenter. The man turning over tables in the temple. The man walking on the water. The man who calms my fears about the future and wipes my tears away. The man who comforts my mom in her affliction and loneliness. The man who comforts me in not being able to “fix” this for my mom.

The Man. Our Saviour. My Saviour. The babe.

Oh, the glory of it all. We will never be the same. He is enough for me.

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