Roaring Lambs

I read this book in college for Mike Hayes’ “Organizational Leadership” class. It’s found it’s way back into conversation a multitude of times over the past few weeks. Here’s a quote from this great book.

“As one who has worked most his life in professional sports, I admire competent professionalism. I usually disdain the amateur, dabbler and dilettante. Give me the old pro every time. However, my call here is for Christians who have maintained their amateur standing. It is my firm belief that the most effective spokesperson for Jesus Christ in the public arena will:

  1. Have never asked for money on radio or television
  2. Not be on the payroll of any Christian organization
  3. Through competence and class in their own “secular” profession, have earned the right to be heard.
  4. Be an excellent communicator
  5. Know and love God’s word
  6. Understand that Christianity is relevant to all of life.”


One thought on “Roaring Lambs

  1. Great book, great quote. However, I think I’d tweak his second point (payroll). I’m sure somewhere, someone is effectively doing art and representing Jesus – and being paid by an organization with a Christian purpose. But, his point is well-heard, especially for folks who believe the Christian sub-culture “platform in the sky” is our calling and career. One step closer to heaven, right?

    Glad to read, as always.

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