Highlights from Fall…

I’m so thankful to work in a field that still gives me a fall break–I was definitely ready for one. My to-do lists during my visit to Virginia were full of things that fuel my soul: making apple crisp, playing cards with Mom, visiting my grandparents, making a visit to Claytor Lake, spending time with Kristi and Joe (best friends from HS).

The drive there and back felt as if I was in a Bob Ross painting. The leaves there were so much more vibrant than the trees here. Driving on Friday, the sun was shining and yesterday, the wind was blowing the dead leaves around on the highway–I felt like I was in a movie.

All of the above on my list were accomplished. I also added some thing to the list that weren’t originally on there–learning how to make meatloaf (I mean–I knew what was in there, just not really HOW to do it-thanks Mom!), learning to crochet, taking naps, spending every morning on Mom’s patio drinking coffee (well, the Foldgers Cappuccino “stuff”). I’m very thankful to have had a weekend that was SO rejuvenating (I mean how could you sit and look at the above photo and NOT feel refreshed).

I’m back in Georgetown now enjoying the rain, thanking God for the green grass. I feel like I received some rain this weekend–I’m feeling refreshed and ready to face the weeks ahead.

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