Updates as of late…

Random happenings over the past few days…

  • I have a cold. A monstrosity of an allergy/cold combo that will NOT go away. I’ve gone through 2 boxes of Kleenex this weekend alone. I’m refusing to go to the Doc, so WebMD has been my friend.
  • I scored a 100% on the Stats quiz I took last week (yes, I’m the nerd who is taking stats for fun–and by the way, I’m horrible at math). Hoping to do just as well on the test Friday. (I’m supposed to be studying now, but I’m updating my blog. Uh-oh)
  • I started taking walks around Georgetown–it’s such a cute little town. Yesterday I picked up this GINORMOUS leaf (spell check is pre-Elf–sorry Kel, you don’t get that one…) It’s now sitting on my bench in the living room. It’s huge.
  • I also have this stupid infection on my eye. I think it’s a sty. That word totally looks like it’s spelled wrong. Who knows with spell check these days.
  • I realize I can’t spell worth Jack.
  • Fall break is T-3 days. Yay!

Have a nice day.

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