a long week….

So, it’s the beginning of a long, but VERY fun week for me. I’ve been trying to “check-in” like I promised, but sometimes life throws curve balls you aren’t expecting.

I’ve really been amazed at the way God has put some very key token reminders in my life lately–from devotions, to conversations to reminders about how precious life is and the relationships we develop while we are here–that is all that truly matters anyway.

I leave you today with another little nugget.

“We are all looking for something or someone to make us what we are stuck right in front of–Beautiful.

Beautiful is a place at which you have to arrive yourself. No one can take you there. It’s a place you have to get up off the ground to enter. It’s a place where the deepest part of you reaches out and grabs for the deepest part of God. All you have to do is beg for change.”

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