Cooling Down…

This is an e-devotion I recieved on Friday that really hit the right spot. Enjoy…

It’s funny how such a drastic change in the weather can really get you thinking sometimes. The heat has been so intense this week, yet we all have to continue on with our lives. I look around and everyone is making adjustments like carrying some water in the car, putting a towel over the steering wheel or even planning to do more things inside instead of being outside. Subjecting ourselves to the intense heat makes us very vulnerable and we naturally counter the uncontrollable temps with protection and placement. We pro-actively shield and avoid the situations that would put us at harms risk.

Don’t we routinely feel a similar “heat” in the course of our relationships? Regardless of life season, it seems as though the next great spike in temperature is always just around the corner. When those relational temps begin to rise, do we instinctively and intentionally take steps to protect ourselves? This ought to be as natural as defending against the blazing sun. Are you moving your relationship to a cooler environment? Or is the vehicle of your relationship parked on the side of the road absorbing life’s heat index? How do we respond naturally and instinctively for this change in temp? What are you doing to keep your personal relationships protected, hydrated and shielded from these uncontrollable elements?

Just like we wouldn’t subject ourselves to dangerous situations with the temperatures, we should not sit idly by and let our relationships be vulnerable to changes in life temperature. Be proactive. Be intentional. And remember we are never promised more than what is right now. Love and be gracious every single day.

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