Summer is Winding Down…..

That’s right…It is officially July 28th.

15 Days until RD’s move back on Campus.

21 Days until RA’s move back.

26 Days until Freshmen move back.

I am in the midst of enjoying a nice relaxing “last weekend” prior to lots of other commitments life will hold in the next few weeks/weekends ahead. This is the weekend to “mayjah”-ly clean the apartment, watch a couple of movies, update my blog, enjoy a nice quiet breakfast at home, drink lots of coffee, plan for the month ahead, (which will be quite a chore itself) and hopefully finish the 2nd Harry Potter book. That’s right. I have finally succumbed to this phenomena.

Last Friday night, Kelly and I went with our friend Cher to Barnes and Noble to buy the book when it was released at midnight. It was such a sight! I was so excited to see all these kids (and more excitedly in my book–parents with their kids) out dressed up in their favorite character, ready for this new book–how exciting that kids are so excited about READING!!! I am thrilled to be able to one day share that experience with my own kids. As much as I love to read, I hope there will be another such phenomena that we can participate in. Regardless, I decided I have to read the books now so I can make that apart of the story to share with my kids…“Mom thought Harry Potter was a bunch of hogwash, and then she gave in after seeing all the hype.” Maybe I’ll find a better way to communicate that.

Anyway, it’s almost time to attack the mound of laundry that’s waiting for me. I hope to be posting more frequently in the next 2 weeks as I will pretty much be on hiatus after that for a bit.


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