Facing Your Fears…

It’s been a busy week, as I was on a trip with Georgetown called Directions which 30 incoming Freshmen were on. We had a great week at Camp Kentahten, a Tim Horton’s Children’s Foundation Camp. It was an absolutely beautiful site–I was able to get up every morning and take advantage of the deckage (something my apartment doesn’t afford)–and the best part–it was overlooking Greek River Lake….

Deckage View
Deckage View

We had a great trip with lots of activities: Low Ropes, a Service Project, Boating, Tubing, Swinging, Canoeing, a Camp Fire and High Ropes. I had to sike myself up for the high ropes because I’m not a big risk taker. Not at all. However, I set a goal Monday night that i was going to climb to the top of the 48 ft. tower and go down the zip line. Well, it happened.

Before the Plunge
Before the Plunge

This is Where the Zip Started...
View from the Plunge

Facing my Fears!!!!

My Zip Buddy!
Michelle, my zip buddy, and I

I can’t even begin to explain how much I wanted to meet the goal I had set for myself. I was so exhausted from tubing and canoeing the day prior, my arms were jello about 1/2 up the 48 ft. rock wall I had to climb. I had to take breaks and about 3/4 of the way of Jacob, (the camp director) said–“you can do it–you’re close, but your belay team can let you down.”


It took me a while and lots of breaks, but i did it. I tackled the fears of heights, control and trust and it felt AMAZING!!! Definitely going down in my book as a day I won’t soon forget!!

4 thoughts on “Facing Your Fears…

  1. Different type of tubing…this was the fast kind tied to a speed boat holding on for dear life!!!

    It was great though!!! Have you zipped before? You would definitely love it!!!

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