Weekend Update…

I had an AMAZING weekend in Georgia for my dear friends Sarah and Chase’s wedding. Some highlights:

  • Seeing my friends Sarah and Chase together for the first time since they’ve been dating. 🙂 They’ve been best friends for 3 years, but only started dating this past December and got engaged in January.
  • Spending some time with my aunt and enjoying her YUMMY grape salad!
  • Seeing my girl Jeremia–who hasn’t changed A BIT!!!
  • Hanging out with everyone at Chase’s house (now Sarah’s house too)Friday night–took me back to college days…
  • Getting a little ROSS fix. 🙂
  • Having the honor of singing in the wedding.
  • Seeing close to 30 sorority sisters and having a BLAST at the reception.
  • Doing the ChaCha Slide with the girls and watching Chase get down –even though he had the flu–so terrible :(.
  • Seeing lots of Bulldog paraphernalia. Go DAWGS!!!
  • Meeting up with my friends Michelle and Jason for lunch in Cleveland on the way home today.

I love these kinds of weekends!!!

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