I love it when things like this happen!!!

This morning, I got up early (well, 8am early) and headed to Starbucks to start off my 4th of July celebration. Before heading for my java jolt, I decided I would get my car washed. I had intended to do this last night, but the wash closes at 8pm (i mean, who does that???) My car was filthy from being parked under a tree all week while I was in New England…my white little Grand Am was covered in…bird crap. And it was GROSS!!!

I pulled up to “Soapy Joe’s” (Best Car Wash in Gtown) hoping the wash itself would get rid of most of the crap. Well, the guy working didn’t look too happy (I wouldn’t be either working on the 4th), but after wiping down the front carriage, he took his brush and wiped off all the crap on my car to make SURE it would be gone. I was sitting there thinking “I owe this guy a BIG tip”–but of course, I have no cash…jeez…so, I thought I’d do the next best thing–bring him back a cup of coffee.

I jetted off the the Bucks after and had my coffee and some good QT all the while talking myself out of brining the guy back a drink. I mean, what kind of drink? Coffee would be cheaper than a fancy drink, but how do I know how he takes it? You can’t just bring along the extras at the bucks, you have to put them in at the condiment bar.

I had all but given up on my good deed for the day and was packing up my belongings when the barista says, “M’am”

(I look up, because few people address me that way–unless they want something.)

“We made an extra Double Caramel Macchiato and wanted to know if you’d like it–on the house.”

I walked over to the counter, halfway ashamedly, that I was doubting what this small kind deed could do and that God was choosing to let this happen regardless.

“Thanks so much. I owe someone a drink anyway–this is great.”

I jetted off back to “Soapy Joe’s” and knew that God was using all of this–the barista, the Soapy Joe’s guy, my unbelief that “it just wasn’t worth it,” for something bigger.

I pulled back up into a parking space and got out, greeted by the guy, whose face looked like, “oh, no…somethings wrong.” I just said thanks for working so hard on my car and Happy 4th. You could tell he rarely (if ever) got more than just a verbal thanks.

So, here’s to the 4th of July, when a double caramel macchiato can brighten someone’s day and teach me a lesson. When God puts something on your heart–DO IT. If not, he’ll find a way to make it happen. Thankfully today, he chose to keep me in the mix. I’m so glad he did.

5 thoughts on “I love it when things like this happen!!!

  1. Oh, Faith! What a wonderful example of how God kind of nudges us sometimes. I was smiling the whole time I read your blog. It was great!
    I bet the guy at the car wash had a much better day because of your act of kindness, (with a couple of “helping hands”) God bless! Oops! I see He already has!

  2. Good stuff Faith! I was just sitting here working on this weeekend’s teaching about how we need help and God is listening and watching out for us.

    Reading through Exodus 14-17 I was struck by the variances in how God helps Israel. Sometimes it is BIG & MIRACULOUS (Red Sea parts, water from rock, ground covered w/quail). Sometimes it is subtle (Israel wins while Moses raises his hands, manna on the ground every morning, Israel finds an Oasis).

    Sounds like yesterday am, you got a dose of the subtle kind of God’s help.

    Nice to know that God provides through baristas.

    By the way, I may tell your story if I have time!

  3. I love how God sometimes just takes control and makes it easy for us when we might struggling through the no brainer. Great stuff Faithie….I love your style!

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