New England Update #8

Well, we are actually home here in the KY and I’m pretty exhausted, but I know I have to update consistently so that those of you who have been tuning in will get the end of our journey. 🙂

Sunday, we ventured into Boston to attend Reunion Christian Church. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite have down the timing of the trains, so we were about 30 minutes late. (oops!) But, all things happen for a reason, and we still got to hear almost all of Hank’s message as well as hear some music and worship at the end of the service. It was absolutely amazing!!!

After helping pack a few things up in the hotel where Reunion meets, we headed to a little spot called Dillon’s for lunch with Hank’s family. We had a great time hearing about their vision and what’s been going on in their lives since Reunion’s launch. They are very passionate about reaching their audience in the Back Bay (college students and young professionals) and especially tapping into the arts. We also heard some great ways that they are building relationships with folks who aren’t in relationship with Christ (yet) and how they are utilizing their talents even now for Reunion. One graphic artist helped to create a “think journal” which was a great tool for them for quiet times.

After lunch, we walked around the back bay area and had a lot of fun. It is a very artsy area with lots of fun shops. We then got back on the T and headed to Marlene and Rich’s where we had an AWESOME cookout. They invited some of their friends over and we had such a great time.

This morning we headed out of Manchester around noon and then had our 7 hour layover in Detroit. We actually had a good time and it didn’t feel like 7 hours. We watch Dreamgirls (amazing) and enjoyed some Caribou coffee (yum!!!)

We had an interesting flight back to Lex, but landed safely and I’m glad to be in my own cozy bed, but I must say this was an amazing trip that I will not soon forget.

Be prepared to hear much more about Boston and New England in the weeks ahead. There is so much to be told and so many great stories. For you faithful readers, stay tuned for more updates and photo updates to prior New England posts once I get my photos done this week!

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