New England Update #7

I cannot believe we have been in New England for 7 days. It seems impossible. The week of Camp Create was so incredibly busy it flew by and we are so sad that we’ll be leaving this wonderful place so soon!

Yesterday we ventured into Boston and had a fantastic time. The weather was A-Mazing! About 80 degree, 40% humidity, breezy on the harbor….

We started off on the freedom trail at Park Street Church and walked around the graveyard and then ate at the Beantown Pub (super yummy food). We then continued venturing on the Freedom Trail and then ended up at the Holocaust museum which was amazing. We then ventured over to the North End and got a cannoli at Mike’s Pastry’s–it was A-MAZING!!! We continued walking and got lots of comments about my pastry box and the fact the string was gone, but I still had the box. It was great.

We then walked down to the harbor and sat there for a while and I got some much needed journal time. We then went to Boston Commons which was awesome!!! I loved the time just chilling in the park. After that we headed up to Charleston and saw the USS Constitution, the oldest active battleship in the world. It is just so amazing to see the history in this city.

We got very acclimated to the “T” during our time in Boston, especially with there being 2 Sox games this weekend (which they both lost). After leaving we headed down to Cape Cod. We didn’t go very far in, because it was late, but we ate at this great Pizza/Mexican restaurant (I know, random) and had some awesome nachos and then Natalie and I split a Greek pizza (thin crust) that had olives, feta cheese, tomatoes, and it was Yum-Meee!!!!

We had a very interesting car ride home as we were super tired. Nat and I had some dance party time in the car while the girls slept and then once we got into Boston, we all joined in.

Stay tuned for an update from our last day here!!!

2 thoughts on “New England Update #7

  1. I have loved reading all about your experiences. It sounds like you guys are having a blast. When you get back to real life, I would love some recommendations of cool places to check out in Louisville.

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