New England Update #4

This post will be short and sweet this morning, as we had a great relaxing night here with our host family, got to bed (relatively) early, and I did not want to get up this morning. We are definitely at mid-week of the camp.

We are beginning day 4 of Camp Create today–I can’t believe it. The pre-schoolers have done an AWESOME job! Yesterday we talked about pretending some more and acting without using our voices. We talked about the animals, shepherds and angels that were present at the birth of Christ and then did face painting and had the kids act like their character. We had sheep, shepherds, angels and lions (okay–we’re not sure they were at the birth of Christ, but they’re pretty cool and really cool to face paint a 3 year old). We had some AWESOME acting going on. One little 3 year old, Michael (who we’ve dubbed Linus) was the most amazing sheep. He literally crawled out of the room to head to music class. I have tons of pics of our kids I’ll be posting once we get home.

The elementary group (Sarah and Natalie) have been doing some really awesome theater games and teaching the kids a lot about theater basics. They’ve learned stage directions, have done a mirroring exercise and acted what they want to be when they grow up. Kat and I missed it apparently when one little boy broke out in “I like big butts and I cannot lie..” Wish that had been on camera!

For final project time, we finally got our scripts ready and passed out to the kids for “A Familiar Story.” We started blocking the scenes and the kids are really excited about their parts. We’ve been told the kids will all come back today with their lines memorized. We’re hoping that’s the case–we only have about 1 full day of rehearsals left for the play which will take place on Friday night. We know God is gonna show up there. 🙂

Well, I must go and make my lunch really quickly before we head out. Our team has had a lot of fun and has really bonded. We were so excited about a night in last night and taking a nap once we got back to the house yesterday. The car ride home was full of lots of craziness and silly conversation–the type when you are so tired you aren’t fully responsible for everything that comes out of your mouth (or in my case, the tone of voice you use–I definitely said some things that sounded really hateful and we all laughed because that’s not me at all–I was just SO TIRED I couldn’t control myself…)


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