New England Update #3

Let me just say, this trip has been so great!! And we’re only beginning day 3!!! 🙂

Day 2 at Camp Create was great. Knowing our kids and their group and team leaders was a huge help. We didn’t have any riots that started today, but we do have one group (which just happens to be the riot group) of close to 16 3 year olds…now that’s tough.

Working with our middle schoolers in the afternoon was much better than day 1. They had some great ideas about building the set for the elementary theater production. We were able to give them some “chill time” as well–very important to middle schoolers.

Group project time was great. Our team wrote the skit based off of the ideas the kids gave the night before and presented it to the group.
We came up with a a modern day telling of the birth of Christ, which has everyone coming to Boston for a Sox, Yanks match up in the Series (we’re being creative–divisions don’t matter) and baby Jesus being born in a garage (as every hotel is booked with fans). There is a breaking news cast about this great news being bigger than the biggest game in baseball history.

We let the kids come up with the ending yesterday and boy did we get some creative ideas:

  • Reporter can go to find a spot to sleep for the night after the angel speaks to him and tells him he’s be chosen to carry the message, but still can’t. He has to sleep outside, a big monster come to scares him; he learns a lesson.
  • The reporter gets phone calls from God to actually meet him (G0d) and the angels dance and then he gets to meet God, God tells him about Jesus. The angels say: “Go Jesus, it’s your birthday.” (while doing the cabbage patch dance)
  • At the end—since he listened to God maybe, he makes the Red Sox wins.

Stay tuned for how this turns out. 🙂
After Camp Create was over, our team headed up to Ogunquit, Maine to look at the ocean, the lighthouses, eat some lobster and enjoy God’s beautiful creation. We ate at Jackie’s place, a great Seafood restaurant which had outdoor seating and had fun cracking into our lobster (you must stay tuned for pictures on this one).

After dinner we walked Marginal Way and Natalie had prepared some things to read for us and then we went off and spent some time alone on the coast, praying and partaking in communion. It was amazing–I love how close you feel to God in nature. Especially sitting on the rock next to such a majestic ocean.


3 thoughts on “New England Update #3

  1. That sounds like a beautiful day! I can totally see the skit in my head. I am sure you are having tons of fun being creative.

  2. I see where the name Camp Create comes from! 🙂 Fantastic! I bet you are having the time of your life with the kids. Sounds like some great time away from the kids also. Be blessed!

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