New England Update #2

Day #1 at Camp Create was great! We left exhausted, with many great stories and are feeling better about day #2, now knowing a little bit more about the flow, expectations, the kids, etc.

Kat and worked with 80 preschoolers teaching them about theater. What a task! Theatrics were in full force though as we had our very first kid burst into tears within the first 10 minutes and then another kid try to start a riot during theater time. (no kidding…he started chanting and encouraging others to join in!!) We had a great day of teaching the kids about projecting their voices, expressing emotions through facial expressions and playing Ms. Fox (a very fun game!!!)

In the afternoon, Kat and I worked some with the middle schoolers and then helped Natalie and Sarah with the final project. The elementary kids who are at the camp all day get to choose a “specialty” to participate in for the production Friday night. We began brainstorming different themes for the skit and I think it’s gonna be GREAT!!!

After a long day at Camp Create, we headed to Somerville, MA and met up with my dear friends Kandia and Jeremy at their apartment before heading into Cambridge for dinner. It was great to see old friends and have someone take us around the city. We enjoyed dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant and learned a lot about the history of YWAM and what their hopes are in Boston. We then walked around to a great coffee shop (best in Boston, says Jeremy) and met up with the two other girls who live in the YWAM staff house. As we’re sitting on the benches in front of this coffee shop, I see Kristin Phillipi, an ’02 Lee grad. Not wanting to freak her out by calling her name as she was on the phone, but knowing I wanted to, I caved and we had a great few minutes of “oh, my gosh!! I can’t believe this!!!” What small world.

After regaining our composure and finishing our yummy drinks, we went to the church they lead worship at twice a month (a baptist church, that they meet in in the early afternoons on Sundays–Kandia said it’s amazing the way the churches work together–they know if they don’t they will never make a difference).

After being very “touristy” and overwhelmed at times by the culture of this great city, we headed back to the YWAM staff house to meet the directors, Debi and Doug Tunney and see how they operate, their plan for evangelizing Boston. It was really neat because just this past week, they met Hank Wilson, pastor of Reunion while helping out with a church that is starting up in Jamaica Plains. It’s amazing how life one big puzzle and we are all connected.

After a long day, we headed back to our host home in Londonberry, NH and brainstormed our skit for Friday night on the drive back. We are anxious to see how today will go, now that we know a little more what to expect. More soon!!!


4 thoughts on “New England Update #2

  1. Just reading about your day makes me tired Faith! You guys fit a lot in there.

    Based on your first day’s experience with the kids, I think you should throw out a prison setting for the end of the week skit. Culmination: A riot where a student shanks a counselor. You pick who.

    Just a thought!

  2. YEA – there is an update! I’m so excited for you girls and really wishing that I was there with you!

    Know that you girls are in my prayers constantly!

    I LOVE YOU!!

  3. I agree with Fred! Your day seems jammed packed and with lots of excitement. So glad that you got to see Kandi and Jeremy. I am so happy that you are enjoying the experience.
    Keep up the good work, all of you. Sounds like an amazing time! Love you, daughter! 🙂

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