New England Update #1

Well, it’s super late on day #1 and we have to be up SUPER early tomorrow to get to Salem High School at 8am. We are staying with a host family, Marlene and Rich (who are awesome) in Manchester, NH. The drive to Salem will be right with all the commuters heading into Boston, so we’ve got to leave here by 7:15 at the latest.

The night was great—we had a great travel day and were greeted by our amazing hosts who served us New England Beans and franks for dinner! Supper yummy! We learned about the secret to New England beans (the bean crock).

We had a great team meeting tonight prepping for Day #1 of Camp Create and are looking forward to the week. We missed the volunteer meeting tonight due to our travels, but are confident that the week is going to be great regardless.

Tomorrow night we are meeting up with Jeremy and Kandia of YWAM Boston to learn more about what they are trying to new in New England as well. It’ll be great to see what others in this area are doing to reach hurting people (as well as see a dear HS friend).

I’ll hopefully be able to update daily. We’ll see. Somehow in the transition from suitcase to suitcase (I’m a bit of an over packer), I left my camera cord at home. Photos may not be an option now, but hopefully in the near future.


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