I’m a huge believer that conversations in life are cyclical for a reason, and when I have a topic, person, song, or something else that surfaces many times, I’ve learned to pay attention.

One of my favorite authors, Donald Miller, has been that cyclical topic the past few days. This snip-it of this interview really hit me hard:

DOOR: Why is it important for single Christians to be living in a community instead of by themselves?

MILLER: That’s not law or a biblical idea, but in my experience I was unhealthy living alone. I needed people around me to irritate me, to call me on the carpet, to pray with me, to forgive me. I needed that in order to become healthy. And it’s worked for me. I don’t think that we’re supposed to live our lives alone. I think we’re supposed to live our lives with other people, and the toughest lie that I’ve ever had to contend with was that life was a story about me. It isn’t a story about me, it’s a story about God, and he made us, and he made us to live together. It’s humbling to live with other people, but it’s also wonderful.

Thanks to those of you who have allowed me to live life with you. I appreciate our similarities, our differences, what you teach me on a daily basis and the fun times and laughs we share.

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