Weekend Update…

I had the great privilege of heading to TN this past weekend for a friend’s wedding. Saturday night we had a cookout at Lamberto’s and the conversation was…well, it was quite memorable. I leave you with two photos that will….well, you just had to be there. 🙂

clorox Don't even ask...

5 thoughts on “Weekend Update…

  1. My only comment is you BETTER be coming over on Friday. This looks too curious not to discuss…in depth…..at length…..over many pixie stix!

  2. Clorox and a baster??? Interesting times for sure!!! It looks like you and Christian are going to be “forced” to be friends again. I’ll start praying for you now :-). ~ Tammy

  3. No I need all the prayers I can get. You’re a handful FNG……

    And that Tammy friend of yours, don’t get me started!

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