Tuesday Lyric…

So, I am taking a friend’s lead by adding a weekly section to my blog. This will feature the lyrics to a great song that is currently have some affect on my life. Thanks Chrissy with your inspiring Haiku’s that have paved the way for these unoriginal posts.

The fullness of Your grace is here with me
The richness of Your beauty’s all I see
The brightness of Your glory has arrived
In Your presence God, I’m completely satisfied

For You I sing I dance
Rejoice in this divine romance
Lift my heart and my hands
To show my love, to show my love

A deep deep flood, an Ocean flows from You
Of deep deep love, yeah it’s filling up the room
Your innocent blood, has washed my guilty life
In Your presence God I’m completely satisfied


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Lyric…

  1. No problem Faithie….looking forward to continuing to learn and grow with you and your experiences. There’s nothing about you that’s “unoriginal.” 🙂

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