Why is that man looking at me so strangely?

I have always been one to talk to myself. I’ve always said it was because I was an only child and I had a lot of intelligent thoughts with no one to share them with (yes, one of my top 5 Strengths is Intellection). Now, it’s just me walking to the car after being at the grocery, walking around campus, or on my nightly walks around town. I am the girl who is having a lengthy conversation with herself about a plethora of topics. The grocery list. Replaying the meeting from earlier in the day. What I am going to do with my life. Preparing for tomorrow’s meeting.

Reading this article today was probably one of the highlights of my week (even though it is only Tuesday). Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone.

3 thoughts on “Why is that man looking at me so strangely?

  1. i talk to myself all of the time and have no excuse… my grandma does it, she is 93… my new excuse just formed – it runs in the family and i just caught on early…

  2. My suggestion is to get a cat…then at least at home you feel not so crazy…you can PRETEND they totally understand and talk back! 😉

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