From My Mind to Your Eyes… (yes that is the title of Chris Sligh’s blog, but it’s truly the content of this post)

So, I’ve been doing some thinking. Well, actually, I’m always doing thinking about this little topic–where is my life taking me? Where is God taking me? Where I am being lead? (All pretty much the same question–varies on your particular vantage point).

I have just finished year 2 at my AMAZING job in central KY and after recent performance evaluations, meetings with the VP, etc., it’s pretty obvious that next year will be my last. No, I am not doing a horrible job. In fact, just the opposite. My position is somewhat like that of an internship–created to be a 3 year position (some will last 2, some will stay 4) for young professionals in the Higher Education World. After these recent conversations with my superiors, I am closing in on my professional “ceiling” in the position–thus making year 3 the end for me here (as I currently know it).

Being that I am Miss Futuristic, I forced myself during year 1 to not even think about what would be beyond the horizon after this job. I enjoy the moment, but frequently find my mind 6 months ahead, so actually “living” in the moment is rare. That was fairly easy and I managed to really enjoy year 1. Year 2, I began thinking about the future a little more, contemplating what would be next–a job or a doctoral program or both. I have narrowed down that I will be looking for a job, but in the location where I could begin a doctoral program part time in year 2 of my new job. Check.

Now what? I am forced with the reality that is upon me now as the summer has commenced in my world to truly grasp the fact that I may not be in Kentucky in a year (tear..). I may not even be close to family or friends at all (major tear…)

I am trying to release my future to God. Knowing the past 2 transitional times in my life (post-college and post-grad school) things did not turn out at all as I had planned. Knowing that and seeing the patterns of the way God has chosen to work in my life, I am trying to sit back and let go of all the plans in my head, stop making binders with job and school prospects and just be. I am looking forward to spending the summer reading, reflecting and taking a personal inventory of my life. I am SO INCREDIBLY THANKFUL for all the amazing things that God is doing in my life and people He has brought into it.

If you have any insight or advice, feel free to comment or email me. Again, the next 3 months are going to be pretty invigorating and I look forward to all I will learn.


6 thoughts on “From My Mind to Your Eyes… (yes that is the title of Chris Sligh’s blog, but it’s truly the content of this post)

  1. My only advice would be to STAY IN LEXINGTON FATHIE! We love you and even know you seem to have a bazillion friends who probably all feel the same way and want you near them, I call “shotgun” and claim you for us in the Bluegrass state first.


  2. Thanks Christian…I appreciate the “shotgun” call…I’m sure if any of my other friends ever checked my blog, they’d all be ready to start a fight.

    But since the prospect of that happening is slim (although that was one reason of creating this blog anyway, was to stay in touch with the out of town friends), you might just get your “shotgun” rights. Well…as they are in relation to Pliable anyways…

    K–now for all you friends who DO check…let the comments roll….

  3. Im’ sorry Christian but as I’m British, the whole shutgun thing means nothing to me SO I call BUGSY (yes we do actually use this expression!) she gets to move back to Cleveland!


  4. Bugsy? Wasn’t that a movie? As long as I get Faithie on weekends, she can live in Cleveland during the week. That’s just south of Florence right?

  5. So I’m way late on this one but I believe my being about 8 months pregnant excuses that… I want you in PA – Philly is the place to be friend, think big!!! (And think new baby on the way)

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