Circa 1986….

So, Ashley is going to kill me for this, but this is what you get for sending me this pic on the week of my birthday when I’m super nostalgic. Ashley is 6 weeks older than me (and will never let me forget it). Growing up we had our moments as we are both only children, so we fought like siblings at some family gatherings. However, time has passed and throughout our college years we became closer, chatting over IM, reminiscing at our grandma’s email updates about the garden and the flowers (when we’re pulling all nighters and God knows what else), and now as we have moved into that weird quarter-life stage, we are experiencing a lot of the same things, bringing us even closer.

Thanks Ash for a great early birthday present! You ROCK!


8 thoughts on “Circa 1986….

  1. This picture brings back so many memories! You and Ashley both have grown to be such amazing women. Happy Birthday, daughter! Love you bunches!

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