Yes…life is good

Originally uploaded by situatedgiblets.

Okay, so I “borrowed” this photo off Gibby’s page, but it just had to be posted since it includes so many of the things that were on my list from earlier this week…

-Laughing with friends. I mean really laughing…so hard you can barely breathe
-Patio eating
-The friends you see every day (or at least week) who make the possible mundane, not so mundane

Thanks for making an ordinary Tuesday EXTRAORDINARY!!!

4 thoughts on “Yes…life is good

  1. I’m so excited for our “First Thursday of the Month Happy Hours!” Yipee!! Too bad we have a whole month to wait! 😦

  2. Oh great! Now my “moobs” are on multiple global sites!

    Had a great time Faithie! So sorry about Phil. I thought he really “knocked it out da box” with Blaze of Glizory!

  3. No kidding! June 4th or something? We might have to make these bi-monthly…or is that bi-weekly…I get confused. 🙂

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