Things I love…

I’ve been reminded lately of some of the things in life that make it…well, that make it great! Just thought I’d share some of my list…please post your additions!

  • Driving in the spring with the windows down through “country” roads (i.e. Newtown Pike back to Gtown). The best is when some great James Taylor comes on the radio…yes, it is so sweet to be loved by you.
  • Getting a call from a college friend you haven’t talked to in years.
  • Sunshine.
  • Laughing with friends. I mean really laughing…so hard you can barely breathe.
  • The Cosby Show. I LOVE me some Bill! It is a classic favorite. This leads me to my next favorite…
  • Stevie Wonder. I mean, really. Can you get any better (he’s right up there with U2 in my book). “I just called to say…”
  • Sunday afternoon naps outside. Yes, outside on a blanket in the sun. Heavenly.
  • Spring cleaning. Okay–so I procrastinate to get it done, but the feeling once it’s done–A-Mazing!
  • Trying on shoes with girlfriends….you know what I’m talking about. 🙂
  • Seeing your friends new baby for the first time.
  • “Orange Sky” by Alexi Murdoch
  • Talking with Mom on the phone, wishing it were in person.
  • Panera. That’s it. EVERYTHING Panera.
  • Hazelnut Coffee from Panera (I couldn’t resist).
  • The GAP Clearance Store. It’s a yard sale with cash registers.
  • iChing.
  • Patio eating in the summer….can EVERY restaurant have one installed, please?
  • Crisp pages in a new journal.
  • Worn out pages in a much loved journal.
  • The “reunion” friends–the ones you get together with maybe once a year, but in that one moment, night or weekend, all is well with the world.
  • The friends you see every day (or at least week) who make the possible mundane, not so mundane.

Thanks to those of you who make my life so great…

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