(Sorry for the delay…I wrote this last Monday morning before hearing of the tragic events at Virginia Tech. Being a Hokie at heart, I needed to wait a little before being “okay’ to post it.)

A year ago, I was a creature of habit. I was not just a creature of habit, but I was protective of my Sunday afternoon Sabbath rituals. After connecting with God at Crossroads, I would head to Barnes and Noble, peruse the stacks and retreat to the coffee shop with a stack of books, my journal and a large coffee. I would spend the afternoon looking at different leadership principles, the latest “it’s okay that you’re still single” book, ways to motivate teams, cookbooks, simplicity. One of my favorites was “Mudhouse Sabbath” by one of my favorite authors, Lauren Winner. Lauren is a great writer who has written many books that pierce the soul. I also discovered Velvit Elvis during these times. Both of these books discuss the importance of Sabbath-keeping and the lack of it in our society today.

I must admit, I became rather proud of my Sabbath-keeping at Barnes on Sundays. It might not have been a “typical” Sabbath as you are thinking, but for me, it was my time to be away from the mundane. It was my solace of the week.

And that was a year ago. Now, most of my Sunday afternoons are spend with friends, at lunch, window shopping, etc.

Yesterday, I was standing in the parking lot at Crosssroads after my friends had all left to lunch appointments and meetings thinking–“What now?”

So, I ended up at Barnes. It was one of the most fabulous afternoons I’ve had in a long time.

Thank you Sabbath for taking me back with open arms. I’ve missed you…

6 thoughts on “Connecting…

  1. Hey babe!

    This made me remember pumpkin cheesecake and books together at Barnes and Nobles. Although I would never dream of interupting your time alone there, I would love to be able to come along and have a re-enactment some time…soon I guess! (only about 5 months to go!!!)Ok not so soon but sooner than many years!
    P.S. For some reason i have problems with the word verification when I try to leave a message as me! 😦 But I want you to know I read your blog religiously and want to comment every time but don’t have a chance often. Haven’t forgotten you, promise.

  2. Leiar, my dearest. I have found myself writing with my Leiar influence lately (behaviour, etc.) and that makes me miss our times even more.

    Five months…counting down the days!!!

    And I know you haven’t forgotten me. That darn word verification…mucho love from across the pond!

  3. Awwww…we missed you too! You KNOW all you had to say was, “I’m going to tag along!” Kelly and Chris ended up talking about lots of stuff I didn’t understand! 🙂

    Are we back on this Sunday???

  4. I have had you on my heart with all that has gone on at VTech. I know you have a soft spot in your heart for them, and I was not sure if you had friend there or not. I can completely see you curled up in Barnes and Noble with coffee and a book. Man would I love to go to Pathway and hang out like that again.

  5. Please Faith make a trip. That would be soo nice. It would be fun to relax and experience Nashville with you! There are alot of Panera’s here and an even yummier place called Bread Company.

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