I’ll have a Grande Lightnote in a Venti cup please….

It’s back….that’s right. The Lenten season is now over and I am back to drinking coffee. As I joined other friends at Crossroads yesterday for our Easter Sunrise Service, I jumped at the opportunity to have a warm cup of the caffeine laden beverage I had been without for weeks. (it came a little later…6:15 is early to get up, get ready AND get to Starbucks…) I’m not gonna lie, it was good, and I was literally jumping up and down at the opportunity to have a cup–a complimentary cup (or cups, I’m not telling) from Crossroads.

But more importantly, as my friend shared when we were standing outside in the freezing cold at the Sunrise Service, Christ died for us, the least we can do is show up in the cold to sing and pray and celebrate this resurrection. The least I can do is give up my favorite drink that I am oh so accustomed to having at least once a day…

So what has this experience taught me you ask? That coffee is good, but I can definitely exist without it (thank you Earl, my stand in), that I am in love with the idea of coffee just as much as I am the actual beverage, and that I must recognize the sacrifices that Christ made, not just during the Lenten season, but during the seasons of my life when I’m most apt to forget….the summer, when students are gone and my life is a bit more flexible; the busiest and craziest times in my life when I can barely come up for air….that’s when I need to remember.

I don’t think I’ll ever drink a cup of joe the same way again….

2 thoughts on “I’ll have a Grande Lightnote in a Venti cup please….

  1. I’m proud of you Faith and so happy to hear….(ready for this?)…”YOU’RE BRING JAVA BACK! YEAH! FILL IT TO THE BRIM!”

    Seriously, thanks for setting a great example for a guy needs all the help he can get!

    You’re the best!

  2. That coming from someone who DIDN’T get up to stand in the freezing cold to worship our Lord and Savior and thank him for the greatest sacrifice known in history! But I’m not judging…. 🙂

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