“It’s as if I’d lived all my life in a windowless room lit by flickering fluorescent tubes…and then one day, with the help of a friend, I opened a door in the wall and stepped outside into a glorious summer day at noon, with the sun dazzlingly bright in a cloudless blue sky. I thought I knew what light was; I was wrong. Now I know that He is the Light.” Holly E. Ordway, taken from Relevant Magazine.

I stepped out into the light this past week. A light that showed me just how much I had been letting the darkness in. No, not that I had lost my faith, but it had become dull. A flickering fluorescent bulb if you will. Lifeless.

This introvert was surrounded by people 24/7. 45 college students, 500 other volunteers for the week and over 1,000 kids total (I only interacted with about 60)–that’s what changed my bulb. It helped me to realize how great it is to be outside. To roll around on a dirty tarp and color with a little girl named Faith (not kidding) and talk to her about the true Light. To “walk it off” with CJ as he burst into one of his many rages this week. To drink in the few moments I did have to myself sitting out under the stars in our parking lot and take a moment to think of how big our God is. To look into the eyes of a Latino grandma who cannot understand my words, but understands the message and responds by blowing kisses until I am no longer in her view.

Yes, this is the light. My fluorescent bulbs of routine, ritual, schedule, demands, work, etc., were overruled by the fluidity of a love for people—that is the Light.

Thank you Mission Arlington for being that friend who opened the door for me this week. I pray I’ll have the courage to stay outside.

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