The lenten season is upon us…

Last year, my senses became especially heightened to the Lenten season, it’s traditions and my lack of participation. I prayed about it, Googled-it, thought about it, listened to sermons about it, read about it. And honestly–I can’t even remember what I “gave up” last year.

I’ve been getting into that same mode this year, with Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday upon us, and I can’t think of anything I want to give up. Yes, that’s right. I’m sitting here thinking about what things in my life I desire to sacrifice. Man are my thought processes messed up.

So, I’m taking the next 48 hours plus a few to really commit some time in prayer and meditation to this. Again, I want this to be meaningful. Why am I giving something up? What will that mean to me? Is it a food on which I will realize my dependence? Is it media or some other form of “something” that takes up a lot of my time?

Any insight on this upcoming season and the process would be much appreciated.

3 thoughts on “The lenten season is upon us…

  1. Today was what we call in English ‘Green Monday’, ‘kathari deftera’ in Greek – it actually means clean Monday – and it is the beginning of lent in the East. Cypriots give up dairy, eggs and meat (except fish) for 40 days. Here is what I find interesting, I had never thought abour lent before moving to the States. It always seemed to be an Orthodox thing my family steared away from when they converted.

    During my thesis, I read ‘Facing East’ by Frederica Matthewes-Green and she described lent in a very moving way. Not really the Orthodox experience felt here. During this period in Cyprus, ALL the shops are advertising and marketing ‘nistisima’ (fasting) alternatives. EVEN McDonalds has a nisitima menu!! In other words, they find ways round not having to eat dairy by using ‘dairy-free’ cheese! Doesn’t that sound ironic. There is no sense of personal sacrifice or challenge but more a case of ‘what will the neighbours say?’. Most people therefore, don’t bother fasting at all.

    Anyway, we are fasting for the first time ever in my life. We’re fasting chocolate…there’s no alternative to chocolate believe me! It’s something that I adore and crave and spend money on…but not for the next 40 days…will let you know what happens!

  2. Well, if you are even checking this, as it has been almost a month, I’m almost 4 weeks into life with no coffee–yes it has been a sacrifice, but that’s the point (right Leia?) I have realized how much coffee rules my life and have been much more intentional and thoughtful when drinking a cup of tea in the mornings or not drinking anything at all…

    Still can’t seem to find anything to wipe that fog away like the java did, but this has been a really great thing for me…

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