What a difference a day makes…

I was really fortunate to spend lots of time with friends this week and actually take a day off to spend some time with myself and my goals for 2007. It was such a great day and a lot of the things I thought about centered around my theme of stewardship. Do I truly steward the resources God has given me in an effective way? Do I make wise choices? Do I realize the impact my choices can have?

What is so amazing (and to me, a testament of how big our God is) is that almost all of my conversations and even topics have become so cyclical lately–for over 2 weeks, in talking about something that relates to one of my goals for 2007, I’ll be chatting it up with someone about it, to then later read an article in a magazine about it. Or hear it on the radio. I’ll pray about something, read scripture about something, and then that verse is used as part of the text at my weekly gathering….

Is it truly God speaking to me in those ways? Or, (as a dear friend and mentor asked today) is it the mediums I choose to plug into, the types of people I surround myself with, the gatherings I choose to be apart of? If I lived in a different town, different friends, different life (as I did about 18 months ago), would I be sitting in awe of the things I’m currently in awe of, or would I just be living my life, plugged into some other medium, concerned and passionate about a completely different set of ideals?

I think it’s a combination. What do you think? I would love to hear the thoughts of those of you not in my circle here in KY (I want to hear your thoughts to cs/sg…calm down). But help me see a different perspective here….

2 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes…

  1. Ah yes….it is me, the predictable one. 🙂 Do you know how much I love your friendship? 🙂

    Understanding circumstance and life positioning (both intentional and what’s been provided for us) is something I’m still wrapping my arms around. I’m still very much waste deep in convincing myself I understand I should have no sense of entitlement to my place of landing on this earth.

    What’s the difference in my life if I’m born in Africa, Alaska, Central America or New York? I don’t know, but probably something much different than I know today.

    There’s so many things in life I’m intentional about, try to control and try to release. But understanding the significance of any of that in contrast to what God has planned for me is key. If I let myself get wrapped up in “me” then I lose the game. If I let myself be “me” in the context of accepting what’s placed before and applying what I know to be true (God’s Word and Will), then I win. Even when I can’t see it in my hands, that is truth and deliverance in my eyes.

    Love you Faith!

  2. I think you’re right–I have to believe that God has given me free will to make my own choices, but in making those particular choices, he has put me in the place in life–including the passions and cyclical conversations that have been happening–that I am now. What I am choosing to believe is that the repetition of these topics–be it prayer, a global worldview, being a good steward of my resources, etc.–is God. The fact that I have let it go and it has returned once again shows me that a)the world is SOO MUCH BIGGER than I am and b) that in that grandness, God still cares intimately about me. Wow…

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