A new year, a new blog…

So, without further adieu my friends, here is my latest attempt at being connected, relevant and talking through some of life’s most pressing and trivial issues with those of you who will choose to tune in. My current location in central Kentucky has given me the privilege of several blogging friends whom I hope will connect into my blog. As well, my connections span the US and the globe with close friends and family up and down the east coast, sprinkled across the US and across the pond (special shout-out to my European readers, Jayson, Leia & John).

I hope each of you will visit and comment on my musings, latest cultural trends, news items of interest. MUCH of the content however, will be focused on my latest reads, what I am learning from/through them, as well as how I am doing with goal setting 2007 (my attempt at actualizing New Year’s Resolutions).

My goal is a weekly post, if not more frequent. So stay tuned my friends, you never know what you might find!


7 thoughts on “A new year, a new blog…

  1. Looks great Faith! And thanks for defining the big words for me. You know how I struggle…. 🙂

    See ya soon! PFC’s on Wednesday? Pretty Please?!?!!?

  2. I love it!!

    Congrats! SO excited about this “new phase!” Perhabs there is a reason your blog wouldn’t switch over??

    Love you girl! AND I’m with Chris, you have to come to PFC’s now that you’re spending the night Wednesday!

  3. I love that grey matter is a “blog of interst!” It kind of draws out the span between episodes when you get something “new” on a day that isn’t Thursday!

    And yes – I am OBSESSED!!

  4. I thought if I posted here a second time I might get a new post on the life and times of the pliable Miss Faith….

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